Curriculum Vitae and Publications



The effects of habitat and predation on bay scallop populations in New York.  Stony Brook University. John M Carroll Dissertation


Peterson, B.J., A.M. Fournier, B.T. Furman, J.M. Carroll. 2014. Hemigrapsus sanguineus in Long Island salt marshes: experimental evaluation of the interactions between an invasive crab and resident ecosystem engineers. PeerJ: 2:e472; DOI 10.7717/peerj.472

Peterson, B.J., E. Bricker, S.J. Brisbin, B.T. Furman, A.D. Stubler, J.M. Carroll, D.L. Berry, C.J. Gobler, A. Calladine, M. Waycott. 2013. Genetic diversity and gene flow in Zostera marina populations surrounding Long Island, New York, USA: No evidence of inbreeding, genetic degradation or population isolation. Aquatic Botany 110: 61-66

Carroll, J.M. and B.J. Peterson. 2013. Ecological trade-offs in seascape ecology: bay scallop survival and growth across a seagrass seascape. Landscape Ecology. DOI 10.1007/s10980-013-9893-x

Carroll, J.M. and B.J. Peterson. 2013. Comparisons in demographic rates of bay scallops in eelgrass and the introduced alga, Codium fragile, in New York. Marine Biology 160:1451-1463

Tettelbach, S.T., B.J. Peterson, J.M. Carroll, S.W.T. Hughes, D. Bonal, A. Weinstock, J.R. Europe, B.T. Furman, C.F. Smith. 2013. Priming the larval pump: Resergence of bay scallop recruitment after initiation of intensive restoration efforts. Marine Ecology Progress Series 478: 153-172

Carroll, J.M., B.T. Furman, S.T. Tettelbach and B.J. Peterson. 2012. Balancing the edge effects budget: Bay scallop settlement and loss along a seagrass edge. Ecology 93:1637-1647 Carroll et al. 2012. Ecology.Balancing the edge effects budget

Tettelbach, S.T., K. Tetrault, J. Carroll. 2012. Efficacy of Netminder® Silicone Release Coating for Biofouling Reduction in Bay Scallop Grow-out and Comparative Effects on Scallop Survival, Growth and Reproduction. Aquaculture Research. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2109.2012.03220.x Tettelbach et al 2012.Efficacy of Netminder silicone release coating

Tettelbach, ST, D Barnes, J Aldred, G Rivara, D Bonal, A Weinstock, C Fitzsimons-Diaz, J Thiel, MC Cammarota, A Stark, K Wejnert, R Ames, J Carroll. in press. Utility of High Density Plantings in Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians irradians, Restoration. Aquaculture International. Tettelbach et al. Utility of high density plantings

Carroll, JM, BJ Peterson, D Bonal, A Weinstock, CF Smith and ST Tettelbach. 2010. Comparative survival of bay scallops in eelgrass and the introduced alga, Codium fragile, in a New York estuary. Marine Biology 157:249-259 Carroll et al 2010. Comparative survival of bay scallops

Carroll, J, CJ Gobler and BJ Peterson. 2008. Resource-restricted growth of eelgrass in New York estuaries: light limitation, and alleviation of nutrient stress by hard clams. Marine Ecology Progress Series 369:51-62 Carroll et al 2008

Manuscripts in revision/review/preparation:

Carroll, J.M., L.J. Jackson, B.J. Peterson. In revision. Response of multiple decapod crustacean predators to increasing habitat complexity. Estuaries and Coasts

Carroll, J.M., C.M. Finelli. In revision. Impacts of the ectoparasitic snail Boonea impressa on post-set juvenile oysters. Journal of Molluscan Research.

Carroll, J.M., K. Riddle, K.E. Woods, C.M. Finelli. In revision. Recruitment of the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in response to settlement cues and predation in North Carolina. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.

Church, M., J.M. Carroll, C.M. Finelli. Submitted. Periwinkle response to predator cues depends on home marsh geography. Chemical Ecology

Carroll, J.M., J.P. Marion, C.M. Finelli. In prep. The effects of habitat setting on mesopredator consumption of juvenile oysters on intertidal reefs in southeast North Carolina.

Tettelbach, S.T., B.J. Peterson, J.M. Carroll, S.W.T. Hughes, D. Bonal, A. Weinstock, J.R. Europe, B.T. Furman, C.F. Smith. In prep. Increase in benthic populations, and subsequent landings, of bay scallops following intense restoration efforts.


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